5 Things To Look For When Purchasing A Home With High Resale Value

If you're currently shopping for a home with the intention of settling down for the foreseeable future and simply want to make a smart purchase or you're shopping with the hope to flip the home for more, it's a good idea to look for a few key features. With the following features present in a home, you can be confident that the home has the resale value you desire.

Neighborhood Conveniences

The neighborhood a home is located in can make a big difference in how much the home will be worth in the future. While it's obvious that the crime rate and value of neighboring homes will affect this, you'll also want to consider what's nearby. Conveniences such as schools, a grocery store, and a police station can all affect the resale value of a home.

Age of Home

Whether a home is older and in a historic neighborhood or has recently been built, the age of the home can make a big difference in its resale value. While newer homes are often able to sustain a higher value over the years than older homes, a home could be an exception when it has recently updated plumbing, electricity, or roofing.

Finished Landscaping

The curb appeal of a home can quickly raise its value significantly for homebuyers looking to make some money through flipping. The landscaping in the front and back of the home should be finished and fit in with the home and neighborhood it's in.


Many homeowners are looking for homes that include energy-efficiency features these days, partly due to lower energy bills and the smaller impact on the environment they'll do. Everything from an updated kitchen with energy-efficient appliances to recently installed insulation can all help lend themselves to making a home more appealing.

Storage Space

The amount of storage space in a home is often a big concern to potential homebuyers, so it makes sense to consider what space is available when shopping for a home. Features such as an attic, basement, large closets, and even an outdoor shed can all help add some value to a home of any age.

While looking for a home that suits your family and lifestyle is important, it's also smart to look out for a home that will be able to maintain a good resale value in the future. In order for you to have an easier time finding homes with good resale value, consider the above features. (For more information, contact Gilbert Realty or another company)

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