How Property Management Companies Can Combat Mother Nature

When you are trying to rent a piece of property, the last thing you need as a property manager is the side effects sometimes produced by bad weather. Taking steps to protect property landscapes is vital for you to make a profit and keep prospective tenants interested. The property owners you maintain landscapes for will appreciate your efforts as well. Follow these tips for maintaining and protecting the landscapes you depend on to make a good impression.

Be Prepared For Flooding And Heavy Rains

If you manage properties in areas that are prone to flooding when it rains, being prepared for it is a good idea. Constructing proper drainage systems in the landscapes of apartment buildings, single family dwellings and any other type of property you manage is best to avoid expensive damages. You certainly never want to call the property owner to tell him or her about devastating, expensive damages to the property you manage. Creating swales is another good way to redirect flood water. Consider redirecting water to storm drains at the curb for the best results. If you have property that is at the bottom of a slope, building a retainer wall can help a lot to prevent run-off from reaching the landscape.

Maintaining Gorgeous Landscapes In Dry Areas                            

Any time you take on a property to manage in a dry area, discuss with the property owner about planting drought resistant shrubs, trees and other foliage in the landscape. Bald cypress is a nice drought resistant choice. By doing so, both you and the property owner can benefit when the landscape remains beautiful during the hottest days of the year. Also, place organic mulch or peat moss around the base of tress and other plants for creating a barrier to prevent the evaporation of precious moisture. Mulch and peat moss around foliage will look great as well.

When The Snow Starts Falling

Even though your tenants may not see the ground when it is covered in deep snow, making sure it comes back in the spring looking good is vital. Protecting plants from extreme cold is a good idea, but you should know that when it snows, a deep cover will actually help to protect plants, especially their root systems. The parts of plants that remain above deep snow are the ones that will suffer the damage from the cold because the temperature under the snow is warmer. If a lot of snow has fallen on one of the properties you manage, inspect the landscape, looking for parts of the plants still showing under the snow. Covering up these plants with a dark plastic is a good way to keep them from freezing and dying.

Taking steps to protect a landscape from Mother Nature's tricks is a good idea, especially when you show the property to tenants and they decide it is perfect them.

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