3 Things Every Real Estate Agent Wishes Their Sellers Knew About Showings

As someone looking to sell your home, it's important you have a clear understanding and realistic expectation about showing appointments for potential buyers. Since most people have a lot of misconceptions about this process, listed below are three things every real estate agent wishes their sellers know about home showings:

1. Don't Place Restrictions on Showing Days or Times

Especially in a buyer's market, people have more homes to tour than they have available time to go see them. For this reason, your home needs to be available for showing whenever a buyer chooses to come to see it. If your home isn't available, then buyers will simply skip it and go see other properties. This can result in a lost sale for you.

Even though you still have work and family commitments and the last thing you want to do is keep your home sparkling clean 24/7, it is vitally important your home is always available for showings at the drop of a hat. If your agent calls for a last-minute showing and you don't avail your home for it because it's dirty or you are tired from work, then you are potentially sending away your best buyer. 

2. Your Real Estate Agent Doesn't Need to be Onsite for Showings

Many first-time sellers believe their real estate agent needs to come out every time someone wants to see the house. When a buyer's agent and buyer show up and your agent doesn't, this is not in any way a reason to be concerned about the quality of your agent's sales skills.

Actually, buyers prefer to tour with just their agents present because then they can have honest conversations about things they like and things they really don't. 

Important Note: You should never be in your home when buyers are touring it. Even if you just go for a long walk around the block, leave home and let the agent do their job and sell your home. 

3. Make Your Buyers Comfortable So They Linger

The longer a buyer spends in your house, then the higher the chance of your getting a purchase offer. To keep buyers in your home longer, create an ambiance that makes them want to linger. For example, on a hot day, you can crank up the air conditioning and offer cold bottles of water. Alternatively, if it is cold outside, then you should bump up the heater and light a fire in the fireplace.

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