Buy A Home That Keeps Landscape Upkeep To A Minimum

A rental apartment is great because it requires minimal upkeep. The apartment company will manage the landscape, and you can contact them about any problems with features. However, you may be ready to buy a home, which will come with many homeowner responsibilities.

While you can learn about maintaining a landscape over time, you may want to minimize upkeep from the beginning. Prioritize specific features to buy this kind of property.

Mulch and Boulders

Landscapes covered in lush greenery are often more time-consuming and challenging to maintain than those with a healthy balance of mulch, rocks, and boulders. Large boulders can provide visual appeal without requiring upkeep because they degrade slowly over decades.

All you need is occasional rainfall to rinse off the boulders of most dirt and grime that builds up. So, buying a home in a climate with rain throughout the year will minimize landscape upkeep.

Mulch is great to have in your backyard for several reasons. For instance, you can use mulch to prevent weed growth and provide flowers and shrubs with a safe place to grow. Prioritize home listings with generous mulch use, especially around the house and along backyard fencing.

Irrigation System

Watering an entire landscape by hand can take a long time. You also must water your grass, plants, and trees several times per week. So, an irrigation system is one of the best landscape features to prioritize because it will handle most or all your watering needs. Prioritize a complete irrigation system that covers all the greenery across the front yard and backyard.

While looking at home listings, you will find systems with various sprinkler heads, including rotary, pop-up, flood, and fixed spray. All these sprinkler heads can water plants well. However, you may want to prioritize pop-up sprinklers to prevent damage from your children or pets.

Look for irrigation systems with a rain detection sensor. This feature will detect major rainfall and stop the system from operating. Overwatering can cause health problems for grass and plants, so this sensor prevents you from having to keep an eye on the weather forecast.

You can take it even further than rain detection by finding a home with a smart sprinkler controller. This kind of controller uses weather forecasting to make precise adjustments to your sprinkler system to provide the right amount of water to your entire landscape.

Going in-depth with analyzing the landscapes of property listings will help you buy a home that does not require much landscape maintenance.

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