Fundamental Questions to Ask Your Realtor When Buying Your First House

Numerous advantages come with working with a Realtor. Since these professionals are acquainted with your preferred location, they have the best chance of identifying houses for sale that would meet your specific requirements. Moreover, they have expertise in the array of complex transactions that would need to be completed before you can get the keys to your new home, so they will explain every step for you.

Unfortunately, many first-time buyers make the mistake of accepting the first house that catches their fancy without asking any additional questions. To ensure that you do not make this oversight, consider the following fundamental questions before committing to a home. 

1. Why is the house on the real estate market?

Certainly, once you set your sights on the seemingly perfect house for your needs, you probably cannot wait to put your money down and move into the property. And while this excitement is perfectly fine, you should inquire about why the house is in the market in the first place, more so if it seems to check all the boxes. Knowing the reason behind this could help you with negotiating further on the asking price.

For instance, if the house has been on the market for serval years with no buyers, the seller may be motivated to take less money if you will pay for the property in the shortest time possible. The same goes for sellers that could be relocating to another state or internationally and would like money from the sale to facilitate their move. Discuss your options with the relator so that you can determine how low the sellers can go with their asking price.

2. Which additional expenses should you anticipate?

A common presumption that some new home buyers make when purchasing their first home is assuming the only expenses they have to bear will be their Realtor's fees and the overall cost of the house. And while these are two expenses that you will have to take care of, you should keep in mind that there could be other costs that could inflate your projected budget.

For example, if the property is located in a gated community, you may have to pay Homeowners Association fees, which cater to the upkeep of common amenities and facilities in the community. On the other hand, to make sure that the home's structural integrity is not jeopardized, you will also have to foot the building inspection fees.

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