Find A Condo With Ample Storage By Making Specific Demands

Buying a single-family home often means getting ample storage from the attic, basement, garage, cabinets, closets, and rooms. Choosing to buy a condo instead means you will not get some of these features. Another detail to consider is that a condo is usually going to be smaller than a house. Fortunately, you can still get plenty of storage by making specific demands.

Square Footage

The easiest way to get the most storage with your condo is to focus on the square footage while shopping. Ideally, you want a spacious condo to come with a walk-in closet and deep cabinets in the bathroom and kitchen. But high square footage is also useful because you can get more furniture that provides storage, including bookcases, dressers, and shelving units.

A large condo gives you the flexibility to store things in your preferred way. You can put something inside a cabinet, closet, or piece of furniture without being limited in your options.

Unit Storage

Along with analyzing square footage, you must consider the storage details in each condo. A great example is kitchen cabinets because some are deep and go all the way to the ceiling. However, some units have cabinets that stop a foot or two before the ceiling, reducing storage capacity. A smart move is to demand tall and deep cabinets to maximize storage in a condo.

Oversized appliances can also help with providing more storage. A large refrigerator gives you the ability to store more perishable goods and frozen items. Even a dishwasher provides valuable storage because you can put dishes inside after using them to keep the counter clear.


Some condos come with a dedicated parking space, while others include a personal garage. Getting a personal garage will give you more than just a space to park your vehicle. You can store items around the edges and sometimes even use ceiling racks to increase your storage.

An ideal situation is when you get a personal garage and a dedicated parking space because you can dedicate the entire garage to storage.

Storage Locker

While condo square footage matters, you can feel more confident about buying a small condo if you get a storage locker. These lockers may provide as much storage as a small storage unit, giving you all the storage space you need for keepsakes and seasonal belongings.

Getting ample storage with your condo is possible when making these particular demands. If you have questions about available condos in your area, contact a residential real estate agent. 

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